Welcome to Heirloom Creations by Deon.

Our motto is  “Quality built to last a lifetime” and “Quality that starts a tradition”.   Our aspiration as business is to create one of a kind pieces of furniture to fit your style and your home. We desire to craft that masterpiece that you’ve been dreaming of for that hard to fit location in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even study. Deon, our innovative carpenter, takes your personal furniture ideas and works with you to fashion the furniture of your imagination.


  • Handcrafted

    At Heirloom Creations there are no assembly lines or automated processes. There is a carpenter with his hands and his tools. We take pride in the fact that everything is made by hand.
  • One of A Kind

    Once a piece is made, that's it. We believe that because we are handcrafting things that an item should be made for you. You come to us with an idea and we will make it.
  • Custom Furniture

    Whether you want us to create furniture based on an existing piece or build it from scratch, we partner with you at every step along the way in order to deliver exactly what you need.
  • Our Furniture

    We have an extensive collection of pieces that are still for sale and are on our site for your viewing pleasure. Let us know if you like what you see or would like something similar. Check back frequently as we are constantly adding custom pieces.

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